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Solar. Powered. Roadways.

28 May Posted by in Electrical Resources, Videos | Comments Off on Solar. Powered. Roadways.
Solar. Powered. Roadways.

You read that right.


Solar. Powered. Roadways. 


They are no longer something out of a Back to the Future movie (like the supposed “real-life” hoverboard that was invented – click here for the video). They have been invented and are in the process of being funded.


So, how do they work? Well first, as you may have guessed, the roadway is made up of interlocking solar panels made of tough material that can be driven on.  As the sun beats down on the panels during the day, they collect energy which can be used to power not only the solar panels themselves but potentially the whole city!  The panels also include LEDs which can be programmed to make the roadway look any way you want it to.  Three-lane highway? Two-lane road with a bike lane? All completely doable.


Imagine how much safer night time driving would be!


But the safety benefits do not stop there.  The inventors of this roadway have placed a heating element in its surface that acts similar to the rear window of a car, melting any ice or snow that sits on it.


We personally LOVE this project and the global implications on energy and safety that it has. Check out a funny little video done about the panels below and be sure to check out the inventors’ official website, Solar Roadways.