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Solar Power – How Much Do We Need?

01 Jul Posted by in Ideas, Innovation | Comments Off on Solar Power – How Much Do We Need?
Solar Power – How Much Do We Need?

It is hard to spend any amount of time on the internet or with your nose buried in a magazine these days without seeing mention of Solar Power/Panels/Cars/etc. When some new technology becomes extremely popular it is often for good reason.  There is absolutely no denying it;

Solar Power is the future!

That being said, how realistic is an entire planet fuelled by the sun’s rays? Well as it turns out, it is very realistic. Space-wise anyway!

The following picture showcases (from right to left) how much area is needed to completely power Germany, Europe, and the entire world!


how much solar power do we need


Let me reiterate. The largest square is the area we would need to supply the entire world with solar power.

The one downside? Solar panels are expensive. Right now anyway. But as with any newer technology, as innovation increases, the price lowers. Before too long, solar power may be a truly viable option. And who knows…..

It may even save our planet!


Thanks to IFLS for the article that inspired this post!