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Business Electricity: Has It Changed?

23 Apr Posted by in Electrical Resources | Comments Off on Business Electricity: Has It Changed?
Business Electricity: Has It Changed?

Business Electricity








































Ever looked at the electricity bill for your business and thought “Wow! Have prices increased or am I just going crazy?”, while your granddad mutters in the back about how it used to be back in his day?

We’re here to tell you that you aren’t going crazy! Business electricity prices have almost doubled in the past decade.

As populations continue to increase and technology finds its way into everyday life, this should not come as a surprise. Supplying power to billions of people comes with a price.  We hope this cool infographic on the prices of electricity for businesses will help to shed some light (haha) on the situation.

Our favourite tidbit of information from the infographic is this alarming little fact:

Enough sunlight falls on the Earth in one hour to power the entire world for one year!

Imagine if 50% of the population installed energy-saving solar powered systems. Think of how “Green” the Earth would be!

Thanks to Business Electricity Prices out of the UK for the infographic!